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Server Installation

Apache Tomcat7® web server that can access to the target Oracle®  Database is required to run EnterpriseMobileAppBuilder. An existing web server which supports JSP can be used for that purpose, or you can install a new one following the instructions here. Server installation should take less than 30 minutes. Feel free to contact us for any problems for the installation.


- Install Apache Tomcat7® on a machine that can acces to target Oracle® Database. You can download it from http://tomcat.apache.org/download-70.cgi . You should accept default settings during the installation if you are not knowledgable about web servers.

- Download and copy classes12.jar into /lib folder under Tomcat7® home. Make sure that the file extension stays as .jar after the download. If the extension becomes .zip, you will need to change it back to .jar after the dowload.

- Download and copy semab.jsp into /webapps/docs folder under Tomcat7® home

- Restart Tomcat7®

- Download and execute semab_install.sql on target database using a user with connect, resource and create table priviledges. After donwloading this file, you can use sqlplus to execute it by running "sqlplus user/pwd@sid @semab_install.sql" from the OS command line

- Test server installation from your internet browser by accessing the page


Where WEBHOST is name/IP of the machine that runs Tomcat7, WEBPORT is Tomcat7's listening port (setup during Tomcat7 installation),  DBHOST is the name/IP of machine that Oracle database is located, dbPort is database listener's port, SID is the database instance name or service name, USER and PWD are database user and password by which semab_install.sql script was executed. 

After you successfully complete these steps, you can download and install mobile app on your devices from Google Android® Market or Amazon Appstore ® . Search for "Enterprise Mobile App Builder" on your mobile device's Market app.

Server Installation Steps
Install web server
Copy required files
Restart web server
Run database script
Test installation
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