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EnterpriseMobileAppBuilder enables you to expand your business functions to the mobile world. You can build tablet and smartphone applications operating on the data stored in your back-end database, in just minutes. You can chose from seven different types of reports, graphs and database transactions to create apps and then publish them for your mobile users.

All you need to know is where the data is stored; table and column names for most cases. Minimal experience with writing standard SQL statements is needed. 

Android® based mobile devices and Oracle® Databases are supported. We will keep improving our product by adding new app types and supporting other platforms. We greatly value your opinion. Please contact us for any suggestions or comments.

The app for mobile devices can be obtained from Google Android® Market or Amazon Appstore® . Search for "Enterprise Mobile App Builder"on your device's Market application. For server installation, follow the instructions in Server Installation. 

Select, Insert, Update, Delete statements   Pie graphs   Lists 
PLSQL blocks  Bar graphs Built-in variables
User inputs variables Scatter charts More report types 
Supported Platforms
Oracle® Database
Apache Tomcat7® 
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